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Teh Awesome Ring of Domliness

Teh Awesome Ring of Domliness

I was recently asked about my profile picture on another site, specifically what is the symbolism of the ring?

I’ve already replied to that post, and I thanked the poster for asking about it. I don’t think about that symbolism enough, and  I need to think about the symbols and trappings with which I have filled my life, they nourish that part of me that craves pomp and ceremony, and rituals that bring us closer.

Back to the ring.  It does have meaning; it represents strength guided by intelligence and tempered by wisdom. Its my Masters ring, and serves to remind me of my role and responsibilities. I don’t consider it to be the equivalent of a collar, although I suppose there are parallels, because my collar around her neck is symbolic of her commitment and servitude to me, while my ring is a symbol of my self imposed commitment as a Dominant, a Master, and as the Head of my Household; a commitment to an ideal, the idea that says it take strength, bound by intelligence and tempered with wisdom to achieve my goals and be the Master I desire to be, and that my slave deserves.

There are other symbols I cherish.  There are my boots, perhaps not shined to a glassy finish anymore, but earned trudging down dusty roads and muddy trails, pounding steel decks and hard asphalt and concrete on five of the seven continents defending our right to be free.  And my leather pants, a gift from a brother who believed me worthy.  Sir Justice, I hope I always live up to the image of myself you showed me that afternoon in Virginia.  I wear a vest, it was a gift from my slave, and it is adorned with the colors and pins I have earned and been given on my journey.

There are other symbols.  The collar my slave wears, and the leather that I gave to her symbolize my control and the structure I provide for her.  I frequently feel unworthy of that girl, but the Universe saw fit to bring me to her, and I’ll be damned if I’ll turn so precious a gift away, so I lower my head against the storm of doubt and uncertainty and soldier on, and try to be worthy of her.

Like I said, I don’t stop to think about these things often enough, so thank the Universe for those new enough to not to be jaded, and wise enough to ask questions.

Master of slave terry
Yorktown, VA

April 22, 2010


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