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The Punishment

This is a crossover post, it could have just as easily bee originated here and reblogged to Huggles and snugs. I decided to post it to H&S because the object of my attenion calls me Uncle Wes, she was one of the ones who opened my eyes to the whole Big/little scene.


Huggles and Snugs

The following story contains scenes of consensual BDSM activity between consenting adults. There is no sex, no titillation, no bumping of things best left unbumped. There is a description of a caring, loving relationship between two human beings, a deep emotional connection, and a cathartic release of pent up frustrations and negativity. If any of this offends you, please go in peace and

I walk in the door of the party, and you make a beeline for me, grabbing on and holding me tight, saying how much you have missed me, and how badly you need me tonight. I look down and see you small and sad, beat down by the world of big people. You believe that although you have not failed in any specific task, you have failed to excel, and so have let me down. We hold each other in the doorway for a moment, then into…

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