Spiritual 3 by mehmeturgut

I love the look of you, setting there with your eyes closed, concentrating on every nuance of my voice as the fan drones away in the background, blowing your hair willy nilly around your face.  I know the peace you feel waiting for the first stinging slash of the cane across your legs, or perhaps today it will be the thud of your favorite flogger on your back and shoulders. this is no punishment, its a reward for your patience while I was away on business, but tonight my only business is you. I know that in this second your universe stops, and you are at peace.

My enrty to Ermilia’s __picture it & write blog



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4 responses to “

  1. When I look at the picture again it does seem that she is waiting for something. Interesting use of the prompt.

  2. Love the waiting stance in your use of the picture… and the power of her patience and reward as her universe stops… just lovely…

  3. Pain as a reward. Can’t say I was expecting that. I like the emphasis on the peace.

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