Happy Pi Day!



It’s three point one four
and some other digits too
Infinite Beauty

(from Science Channel
commercial for Pi Day lineup)


I’m not kidding, March fourteenth was declared national Pi Day on March 12, 2009. Okay, technically Congress “supports the designation of a `Pi Day’ and its celebration around the world,”  Back in 2008 Ian Chilling suggested that on this mathematically significant day we celebrate by writing Pi-ku. Even before this, many had celebrated this auspicious occasion by writing Haiku about Pi:

Three point one four one
Continues on forever
Irrational numbers rule

At least I got the traditional haiku meter of 5-7-5 right, and I suppose that as poetry about math goes, I didn’t do too bad.  Mr. Chilling’s novel idea was suggesting, “…we take it one step nerdier and make new rules.” The new meter would have a 3 syllable first line, 1 syllable second line, and 4 syllable third line, for example:

It`s Pi Day
Hurrah for Math!

Three one four
Albert’s Birthday

Please beware
Is tomorrow

Falls Pi Day
Year on Friday

Obviously, Natasha Trethewey does not need to worry about job security; neither does Sofia Starnes. I think that it is safe to sat that as a poet, I’m one heck of an engineer.  You ask, “Thats nice, but I came to read about BDSM and Master/slave stuff. How does this relate?” I suggest that most of the time when you satisfy your masochist’s desire for pain, it leaves your inner sadist not quite fulfilled.  Take advantage of today, and try some of these truly sadistic pursuits:

  • Have your little one calculate Pi to 100 decimal places, and of course they must show their work.
  • Have them calculate the volume of your favorite cane or ball gag
  • Memorize an appropriate number of digits, how many depends on your submissive’s affinity for numbers, but I’d suggest 10 as the absolute minimum.

I’ll close with a question, posed in the form of a haiku:

If March fourteenth is Pi Day
Should January sixth
be declared to be Phi Day



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2 responses to “Happy Pi Day!

  1. Fizz

    I’d have them memorize the generalized continued fraction forms of pi. They are independent of the radix, more useful (as they are better approximations than any truncation of the decimal form), and they’re more interesting! They do have a pattern, though. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pi#Continued_fractions

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