31 Days of Dominance – Day 29

Has your dominance ever let you down? Have you ever been criticized for your dominance? Have you ever regretted being or feeling dominant in a moment or in a relationship? Have you ever looked back and realized you made a mistake and how did you handle your dominance going forward from that.

 I cannot think of a time when my Dominance let me down.  There have been mistakes and missteps, and the occasional royal screw-up, but that has been more me letting my Dominance down than vice versa. I try very hard to live up to my ideals and values, but, being human, I fall short.  Sometimes I am a little jealous of those in my service, because they have someone who can grant absolution and forgiveness.  Up at the top of the pecking order, forgiveness is not as easy to find.  What I do is to look at why I failed, and see what I can do to prevent it from happening again, gird up me loins, and carry on as best I can, trying not to repeat the same mistakes.


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