31 Days of Dominance – Day 12

  1. Do you expect or require service as a part of your expectations of your dominance? How do you define service? What does it mean to you? If not, what is it about the concept of service that is not for you?

My family’s motto is “All serve, each differing only in the manner,” so I suppose you could say I am pretty serious about service. I do require service as a part of my relationships.  What that service is, and how and why its delivery is peculiar to each relationship.  The service provided by my slave is different from the service I get from a niece or nephew, and different still from the service provided by a junior Master I am mentoring.

There is a requirement, a critical distinction about service rendered to me.  I demand willing, joyful service.  I do not expect everyone to be happy all the time, what I mean is that if your service should be willingly and freely offered and accepted; if it is not deeply fulfilling, and does not bring you joy, then you are doing something wrong.

There is another component of service that is critical to my view of service.  To quote a thought from Raven Kaldera & Joshua Tenpenny’s book “Real Service,”

If Master does not want it, it is not service.
It does not matter of Master needs it, if Master does not want it, it is not service.
if Master should want it, or if it something that you really, really want to do,
If Master does not want it, it is not service.
(any mistakes are mine, I can’t figure out who borrowed my copy to get it right)

The key here is that one receiving the service defines what does and does not constitute service. This is true in both directions.  My last employer laid me off several months ago, and I decided to “help” my slave by increasing my efforts around the house. Washing and doing laundry were pretty well tolerated, and were several other things, but when my bouts of insomnia were interfering with her sleeping, and thereby with her work, I decided that I would best serve her by letting her go to bed to sleep while I remained in the living area.

I quickly found out that what I was doing was not service. While she accepted my authority to make that decision, she flatly refused to accept that I was providing her with service, not because of concern for her well-being, but because it was not what she wanted. In other words, while I was perfectly justified in staying or not, or even sleeping in another room if that is what I wanted, it was a lie for me to call it service to her, and dishonesty is one of the few hard limits we have.


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