31 Days of Dominance – Day 8

Do you use discipline or punishments as a part of your dominance? How do you feel about it?

I use discipline and punishment as a part of my dominance. Discipline is a corrective action taken when one falls short of requirement or expectation. It is always related to the shortcoming, and is intended to reinforce a desired behavior or action, typically by repeating the action correctly a number of times.  For instance, if your assignment is washing dishes, and do not get the dishes clean, then you might get to wash dishes each day for a week, or even wash all of the dishes in the house.

I reserve punishment for deliberate disobedience or disrespect.  It is usually corporal in nature, never administered in anger, and its primary purpose is punitive. There is always an option to punishment: Release. I find that I punish very seldom, and often the punishment is to allow a submissive to forgive themselves for a transgression.

How do I feel about it? If I have to impose external disciplinary measures, you can bet I’m also looking at how the person was trained, and what I can change to help people be more successful in the future. Punishment is different, while I use it when left without other option, I always feel that if I have to resort to that level I have failed my submissive, and failing is something I abhore.


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