31 Days of Dominance – Day 3

If you are currently in a D/s relationship, is it live in, local, long distance, or cyber, and why? If you are not is a D/s relationship, which type of relationship, if any, are you interested in or seeking, and why? Either way, do you think you could find any of the other relationships fulfilling? Why or why not?

I have been in a 24/7, real life, live in, M/s, relationship with slave terry, for just over six years. Additionally, I have two “nieces” and one “nephew” to whom I am “Uncle Wes,” which allows me to express a nurturing daddy like dynamic, and I have several regular play partners who typically call me Sir.

On top of this, I am the Senior Master of my larger family, which is interesting because it creates entirely different types of relationships where I am the dominant member. Although I hesitate to call these D/s relationships, particularly with the other Dominant members of the family, in many ways they are submissive, or at least deferential to my direction as the head of household.


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