What Feeds Me as a Master?

I recently competed in the Northeast Master slave contest at the 2012 Master slave Conference held in Silver Springs, MD, just outside of our nations capital.  This is the speech I gave the evening of the contest.

What brings me joy, what satisfies me, what feeds me as a Master?

The service, adoration, and attention of my slave feed me. Creating that structured environment so she can thrive and prosper feeds me. Knowing that we both serve, equal but differently, feeds me.

What feeds me as a Master?

My family feeds me. Leading, guiding, sharing, every day learning as much or more than I teach; being the big brother, the uncle, the confidante, the friend, and the place where the buck stops; all of this feeds me.

What feeds me as a Master?

My community feeds me. knowing that I am watching, and that I am held up as an example, knowing that my opinion and experiences are valued, giving the others the opportunity to learn from my pain instead of demanding their own new, improved pain, all of this feeds me.

What feeds me as a Master?

Being present here, now, in this very moment feeds me.  I will not forget the past, because if I forget, I cannot learn from the joys and sorrows I have experienced.   I must consider the future so that I may make good decisions today.   I am not however going to spend so much time dwelling on the past or dreaming of the future that I ignore the present. As I live in the moment, I will strive for pride without hubris, confidence without arrogance, and to act honorably and with integrity as I continue on this path.

Thank you.



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4 responses to “What Feeds Me as a Master?

  1. forlovingu

    It amazes me how much you seem to love and care for others. Please don’t take this as any disrespect,, I am a bit new to all this. I just thought from things I have read, that a Master was more demanding. I really enjoyed reading your speech. Thank you for the enlightenment Sir.

    • Thank you for your kind words, and I see no disrespect in your comment. There are as many way of doing this as there are people doing this, my way values each individual who is my service. That doesn’t mean I’m not demanding, if you were to ask any in my family they will tell you that I can be very demanding, my standards will never ask more than you are capable of, but I will accept nothing less that the best you can do.

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